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Please contact Renee Mercer at the Sutherlin School District Office with any questions.

Phone 541-459-2228
Fax 541-459-2484

Medical Contacts:

OEBB customer service

OEBB Moda Health Medical/Vision

OEBB Moda Health Dental

Willamette dental customer service

OEBB Moda Health Pharmacy


Job Vacancies
Helpful Links
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Moda Health Rx Drug Claim FormRenee Mercer 1/30/2014213.95 KBDownload
Moda Health Medical Reimbursement FormRenee Mercer 1/30/2014477.98 KBDownload
I-9 FormRenee Mercer 1/30/2014476.18 KBDownload
OEBB Mid Year Change FormRenee Mercer 6/11/2014113.01 KBDownload
w-4 2015Renee Mercer 12/11/2014UnknownDownload
Teacher Application part 2Renee Mercer 1/30/2014126.29 KBDownload
Teacher Application Folder Part 1Renee Mercer 1/30/201464.55 KBDownload
Direct Deposit FormRenee Mercer 1/30/201481.57 KBDownload
American Fidelity - Authorization for Automatic Deposit - Flex SpendingRenee Mercer 1/30/2014UnknownDownload
Administrative Application part 2Renee Mercer 7/28/201422.57 KBDownload
Administrative Application part 1Renee Mercer 7/28/201466.04 KBDownload
American Fidelity - Dependent Day Care Reimbursement VoucherRenee Mercer 1/30/2014UnknownDownload
Coaching & Advisor ApplicationRenee Mercer 1/30/2014108.20 KBDownload
Classified Employment ApplicationRenee Mercer 1/30/2014152.89 KBDownload
American Fidelity – Health FSA/Unreimbursed Medical Expense Reimbursement VoucherRenee Mercer 1/30/2014UnknownDownload
Additional Information
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
403(b) , 457 Plans and additional infoRenee Mercer 4/28/2011192.63 KBDownload
2015-2016 Insurance RatesRenee Mercer 5/20/2015153.50 KBDownload
Preferred Drug ListRenee Mercer 1/30/20141.07 MBDownload
OEBB RBH Member BrochureRenee Mercer 1/30/2014165.64 KBDownload
2015-16 Classified Salary ScheduleRenee Mercer 8/19/2015291.87 KBDownload
2014-2015 Insurance RatesRenee Mercer 5/14/2014143.50 KBDownload
2015-2016 Extra Duty Salary ScheduleRenee Mercer 8/19/2015172.03 KBDownload
2015-16 Licensed Salary ScheduleRenee Mercer 8/19/2015214.34 KBDownload
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