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Conduct and Discipline
To accomplish the goal of the district to provide a safe, timely and economical pupil transportation service, specific responsibilities and rules exist for each member involved in the transportation system: students, parents and staff. To do this, drivers must be able to concentrate on operating vehicles in a variety of traffic conditions, always being alert and vigilant. Riding the school bus is a privilege. Excessive noise or misconduct by bus passengers can distract a driver and endanger all students on the bus. The support and cooperation of parents and students is needed to ensure acceptable behaviorby all bus riders.   Those not following the bus safety rules may receive a bus citation from the driver and lose their privilege of riding the bus.
Students are expected to cooperate with their bus driver. Each driver is given some latitude working with students to modify inappropriate behaviors. A bus citation may be written at anytime during this process. A driver may confer with a student, change bus seating, assign a specific seat, or issue a citation for inappropriate bus rider behavior. If violations of bus riding rules continue a bus suspension or expulsion may follow.
Bus misconduct may be referred to the school principal. Disciplinary actions may include suspension and/or removal or expulsion from the bus.
Video cameras are on the bus to help improve student conduct.
We request parents become familiar with the rules, procedures and expectations of conduct on the buses and discuss them with their child.


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