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The Student

Any misconduct by a student, which in the opinion of the bus driver or the transportation director is detrimental to the safe operations of the bus, shall be sufficient cause for the director of transportation/designee to suspend the transportation privileges.  Students who disobey these rules may be suspended or expelled from transportation for up to one year.
While riding a school bus, students will obey and follow rules set by the driver at all times. When transporting classes or teams, the teacher, or coach shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of the students. Students shall cooperate and obey both the driver and the teacher, coach or other staff members.
  • Students shall go directly to their seat and sit facing forward once inside the bus and remain seated at all times unless the driver instructs otherwise.
  • Students shall not sit in the driver’s seat.
  • Students shall observe rules of classroom conduct while on buses and shall refrain from talking to the driver unless necessary.
  • Noise shall be kept down to avoid distracting the driver. Students shall refrain from profanity, obscene gestures or offensive acts.
  • Students shall accept assigned seats.
  • Students shall not damage school property or the personal property of others. Parents of students identified as causing damage to buses shall be charged with the cost of the incurred damage. Students causing the damage may be suspended from transportation.
  • Students shall keep the bus clean by depositing all trash in the container at the front of the bus.
  • Throwing, tossing or shooting anything within, from, or at the bus is prohibited.
  • Spraying any type of aerosol (air fresheners, or other such as perfume including but not limited to any form of body spray, etc.) is prohibited on the bus.
  • Students shall not have laser lights on the bus.
  • Fighting, pushing, tripping, spitting, abusive language and violent behavior are prohibited on the bus and will not be tolerated. 
  • Harassment of any kind is prohibited.
  • Students shall not stand up and/or move from seats while the bus is in motion.
  • Students shall not extend hands, head, feet or objects from windows or doors.
  • Students shall not carry or have in their possession items that can cause injury to passengers on the bus. Such items include, but are not limited to matches, or other incendiaries, concussion devices; sticks, breakable containers, aerosol containers, straps or pins protruding from clothing, large bulky items or musical instruments which cannot be held or placed between legs, etc.
  • Students shall not smoke; possess tobacco, alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances or paraphernalia of any kind.
  • Students shall not have any weapon as defined by board policy JFCJ in their possession [not limited to firearms, knives, fireworks, metal knuckles, straight razors, pepper spray, noxious or irritating gases, poisons; unlawful drugs or other items fashioned with the intent to harm, threaten or harass students and/or staff members].
  • Students shall not have animals on buses, except Seeing Eye dogs.
  • Students shall keep books and personal belongings out of the aisle and on their laps. Items larger than what can be held on laps will not be transported on the bus.  
  • Skateboards are not allowed at school; if it is necessary for a skateboard to be transported it must be secured in a duffle bag or placed in the bus front trash can,  remaining there until arriving at the school or home. 
  • Students shall use emergency exits only as directed by the bus driver. 
  • Students shall follow emergency exit drill procedures as prescribed by the driver.
  • Students shall not open bus windows without the driver’s permission.  
  • Students shall ride on assigned bus and leave the bus only at assigned stop. Bus passes are required to board or depart at a different authorized stop.
  • Students shall stay away from the bus when it is moving.
  • Students shall be at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
  • Student’s misconduct shall constitute sufficient reason for suspension of transportation privileges.
  • Students shall answer to coaches, teachers and chaperones who are responsible for maintaining order on trips.
Students or parents must reimburse the school district for bus damage caused by the student’s misconduct.    

The Parent

Parents, please take the time to go over the bus rules and make certain your child understands them. Also…..
·         Be sure your child is at the bust 5 minutes prior to the assigned stop time. (Buses may run on multiple routes and the driver cannot wait for a child who is late).
·         Instruct your child in the safe manner of walking to and from the bus stop.
·         Instruct your child to stand to the side of the road when waiting for the bus.
What if…..
My child is ill….Please do not send students that are ill to school. If your child becomes ill at school or on the bus, you will be asked to transport your student home.
My child misses the bus …..The driver cannot return to your stop location due to scheduling. The parent/guardian is responsible to transport their student to school in the event they miss the bus.
My child needs to go to a different address than usual ……Bus passes are required for students who wish to depart the bus at a different authorized stop or to ride a different bus from school.   The student’s school office will issue the bus pass.
My child is late… If your child fails to return home at his/her expected time, contact the school first. Please keep in mind there may be many reasons for a bus to be late on the route. A bus could be late if there is a substitute driver, if there are mechanical problems, traffic tie-ups (train), inclement weather , or poor road conditions.
My child receives a bus citation….The district maintains a discipline procedure to insure students follow the student conduct and safety rules while using the district transportation service. In most cases, at least one warning slip will be issued prior to the suspension of transportation.   A student who receives a bus citation may not be able to ride the bus until the student returns the signed form to the bus driver. Signatures of the parent are required. A bus citation may count as a disciplinary referral. Consequences for bus problems often include assigned seats. A student’s ongoing failure to conduct one’s self in a safe manner on the bus may result in an extended period of suspension from the bus. 
How will I know if schools will be open or buses run on time during bad weather….. School closure, delayed opening and / or use of snow routes will be announced on local radio and TV stations. Parents may also find this information at www.flashalert.net .
I have a concern about transportation services ………..Please first call the transportation department (459-2785), a message will be taken and given to the driver and he/she will get back to you. If you are unable to resolve your concern, please discuss the situation with the Transportation Supervisor. If your concern is a route or bus stop question, please contact the transportation support secretary (459-2228).



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